FaceWare facial motion capture hardware and software bring together innovative technologies and intuitive workflows to assist experts with accurately capturing facial performances and creating believable facial animation in a fast and reliable manner.


Mark IV Wireless Headcam System

Known as the most professional facial motion capture headcam around the world, Mark IV boasts several components, each f which ensures the highest levels of quality, reliability, and comfort.

Rugged, Fiberglass Molded Helmet

The Mark IV helmet is unmatched when it comes to top performance capture, comfort, stability, and consistency.

Lateral Stabilization

This solution helps you to maintain steadiness and comfort at all times using the “sideburn” stability bars and integrated chin strap mounting points.

Low Profile Camera Mount

Set below the actor’s eye line, the remote camera and rugged low swept bar allow for capturing and showcasing any talent.

Easy Adjustment Thumb Screws

These thumb screws enable you to quickly make adjustments to the fit and framing of the Mark IV for maximum comfort and efficiency.


Boasting a 500-feet (150 meters) range, sub-1-millisecond delay,
and immaculate HD video stream, all performances can be
streamed instantly without any setbacks.

5 hours wireless per battery
15 hours wired
1 hour charge time

The innovative, calculated design of every single hardware the
FaceWare features makes this solution suitable for almost all
head shapes and sizes of the world’s population.

The system is completely silent thanks to its special low-noise
cable wrapping, magnetic shielding on the power cables, and
lack of fans and heavy PC wearables. This allows creators to enjoy silent wireless video capture streamed or recorded in real-time to deliver top-quality productions.


Our markerless facial mocap software (real-time and non-real-time) empowers professional animators to precisely capture any actor’s facial performance and expressions and transform it into believable facial animation promptly and cost-effectively.

Faceware Studio

The new Faceware Studio real-time animation s software was developed for the sole purpose of tracking facial movements from live or recorded videos under the highest quality. This software utilizes highly advanced machine and deep learning techniques to track every single facial movement and create real-time animation.


This standalone facial tracking software transforms any facial performance video into proprietary motion data that can be implemented on characters via the Autodesk Retargeter Plug-In.


Retargeter is our animation and solving plugin for an array of Autodesk animation products such as Maya, 3DS Max, and MotionBuilder. This plugin draws the data from Analyzer and applies the motion to your characters through an intuitive and pose-based workflow.

Realtime for iClone

Through Reallusion’s partnership with Faceware, the iClone 7 can secure live facial motion capture and recording, thus presenting all creators – particularly indies and studios – with access to facial motion capture tools that are quick, precise, and markerless, all from a PC webcam.


Shepherd is a single app bringing together all the integral features any face capture operator may need. Through this innovative app, you can seamlessly sync your entire performance capture workflow with timecode support and additional functionality to sync your Vicon, Xsens, or Optitrack to trigger your facial systems.

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