New Dimension Technologies

New Dimension (ND) Technologies is a company located in UAE-Dubai that specializes in motion capture and hologram solutions, live hologram performance and immersive experience setups, interactive projection, and projection mapping.

With our sister company (New Dimension Productions), we create a complete hardware and content production setup for events, metaverse, avatars, and much more.


We are one of the leading distributors in the Middle East and GCC for the biggest mocap and hologram industry brands, such as Xsens, Faceware, and Manus, to name a few.

Facial Motion Capture

FaceWare facial motion capture hardware and software bring together innovative technologies and intuitive workflows to capture facial performances…

Body motion capture

Extending innovative solutions for body motion capture, Xsens leverages a state-of-the-art technology with unmatched features.

Mocap & VR

Manus develops high-end finger tracking gloves for Motion Capture and VR. We offer the world’s leading Data Gloves for Mocap & VR applications.

Hologram Box

We design, build, and set up hologram boxes serving all sectors and industries, allowing clients to present their products or services…

Hologram Customer Service Unit

Customer services are still being rendered with the client visiting a branch to receive the services…

Contact Us

For price quotations or inquiries about the company or offered software, products, and services, please contact us